Steel Beavertail Trailers

These trailers are versatile workhorses. Used by cargo, and heavy equipment haulers they can carry 2 skids side-by-side or full width heavy equipment. Designed with a rear built-in 48” ramp section combined with stand-up or fold-over ramps.

Available with an optional built-in winch track the sliding winches can be positioned at any point along the length of the trailer deck.

Designed for Canadian and roads and weather they are galvanized for a long service life. The frames are constructed with high strength steel tubing (min 65ksi) and the deck is covered with 1.50” thick hardwood.

Complemented with cold-weather sealed wiring harnesses, bright LED lights and adjustable height couplers (cast or pintle)

Available Capacity

5-Ton (Tandem 5200 lb Axles)

7-Ton (Tandem 7000 lb Axles)

10-Ton (7000 lb Tri-Axles)

Available Sizes

102 x 16

102 x 18

102 x 20

102 x 22

102 x 24

102 x 26

102 x 28


Winch Track on Driver Side

V-Toolbox (35/20”L x 14.5”W x 15”H)

Pull-Out Ramps

Spare Tire Mount